Worry Monsters A

£19.99 incl. P&P

Each worry monster is handmade, and come with their own unique name and identity.

Worry Monster A is colour themed to the pink/purple/silver style.

As these are all individually produced, the colours and styles may vary slightly within the theme.

The monsters are 36cm ear to toe, and 30cm hand to hand.

Fully CE Tested and approved


Using a worry monster as a parent

It is difficult to see your child worrying about something, whether it be anxiety about starting a new class or worries about friendship groups, especially if it starts to affect their normal behaviour patterns and their sense of wellbeing. A Worry Monster can aid you in helping your child to cope with their anxieties, when used in conjunction with your valuable parental reassurances and guidance. To help to introduce your child to their new Worry Monster friend, all of our unique monsters come with a swing tag, featuring a poem we wrote to help to share the concept in a child-friendly way. Children are reassured that the monsters are safe to be around as they only feed on worries and are really rather friendly towards children!(Actually, as parents, you can be reassured that they are safe to be around too as our monsters are handmade to a fully CE tested design and are therefore safe to be snuggled by children of any age.)

For a very young child, it might be that they put a drawing into the Worry Monster’s mouth to be eaten up overnight. Perhaps they might be encouraged to whisper their worry to the monster before bedtime, in a similar fashion to the Guatemalan tradition. This encourages your child to vocalise their feelings in a safe and comfortable way, where you will be there to provide any necessary reassurances. It also allows them to ‘park’ their worry with the Worry Monster and get a good night’s rest!

Children old enough to write, will be able to pop their worry notes into the Worry Monster’s mouth to be ‘gobbled up’ overnight. The act of writing their worries down is helpful in itself. They are ‘off-loading’ as adults might do in writing when keeping a journal, blog or when venting on Social Media. Your child may also be keen to explore their feelings verbally, through discussion with you.

To much older, ‘tweens’ and teens, Worry Monsters serve as a slightly tongue-in-cheek for some, but important reminder that a problem shared is a problem halved. It does us all good to acknowledge, explore and talk about our emotions, especially the less desirable ones. As an early encouragement into doing this, Worry Monsters will always have a special place in our heart.


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