With our 1 year anniversary in May 2020 having been lost to covid, Dom is going for a little walk in 2021. Approximately 50 miles to be exact. Dom and a group of intrepid walkers are heading out from the Don’t Lose Hope Cafe at 10am on Saturday August 28th, and will be walking around the local area, taking in the sights, sounds and scenery. They will be returning to the Cafe at 10am on Sunday August 29th. The team are walking 24hrs in the shoes of someone suffering with a mental health issue. There will be tough times, there will be dark times, there will be huge highs, and low lows and through teamwork and talking, they will get through it. The team are attempting to #breakthestigma and let men know #itsOktoNotbeOk and #itsOktoTalk.

These are the planned visits and stops along the way where people can support, say hi, give the team some much needed encouragement to keep them going for the full 24 hours. All of these have pledged their support by opening their doors to the team and our supporters and to them, we are hugely grateful.

There are so many ways that people can support. Supporters can walk for as much or as little as they like in terms of times and distances. We will be keeping to this schedule and having a meeting in March/April to finalise and present the route. We have had business donations of equipment, time, supplies and funds and we are very very happy to share, promote and thank our supporters through our social media avenues (we will also be supported and shared on national news media closer to the time). We have a 24hrWalk Event Terms and Conditions form with a little more information should you wish to take part in the full #24hrWalk.


If you would like to support in any way, as a walker, a sponsor, team cheerleader etc please feel free to contact us through the Facebook group or through email to dom@dontlosehope.co.uk